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Need Washing Machine Repair Recommend

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Sarah --- 4 years ago -

Is there an outstanding washing machine repair company in the area? Please share!
Thank you! 

princess1 --- 4 years ago -

Try Tommy's appliance....I had a great experience and still working well. 

Its Mygirl01 --- 4 years ago -

YouTube videos is how we repaired our, it wouldn't drain and I googled the washer name and problem and a video showed me how to fix it! Did the same thing this year when the heat stopped working on my dryer :) 

Zapper009 --- 4 years ago -

Go look at his website for the business in New Caney.

Comments are less than complementary.

Good luck... 

Zapper009 --- 4 years ago -

3 additianal places to call:

---Paul's Appliance @KU 281-812-0197-O, 281-360-1841-O
---A-1 APPLIANCE CENTER 281-446-7777-O

Sarah --- 4 years ago -

Thank you for all the suggestions! 

Zapper009 --- 4 years ago -

Who did you call

How did they do?? 

Miss Understanding --- 4 years ago -

I use Paul for years and like him very much. 

Sarah --- 4 years ago -

Thank you to each one for the recommendations. I decided to start the washer to get the error codes in the event we could fix it ourselves. Before I pushed the start button, I prayed. The washer started and ran perfectly. No appliance repair needed this time, but I saved the names and numbers in my contacts. Thank you for responding! 

them --- 4 years ago -

If you encounter any issues again there are several fix it yourself parts places with how to videos. Is one I used.

It was surprisingly easy. 

Holling Vincoeur --- 4 years ago -

It was surprisingly easy.


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