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Kitchen remodel

who's talking here?

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a5058650uu --- 6 years ago -

Hi.. Looking for references for an honest, reputable company with reasonable prices to handle a kitchen remodel. Not a Huge kitchen....can anyone share ... Who should i consider who should I steer clear of?.... 

a5058650uu --- 6 years ago -


CavemanBarney --- 6 years ago -

look up this fella on here...
The Odd Job Specialist 

SpottedPuppy --- 6 years ago -

Call Gene at Northeast Renovations. He has remodeled most of our home over the years. He does an amazing job! (832) 445-4073 

RedC6Gal --- 6 years ago -

CK&H Construction....Carl Williams....EXCELLENT work and easy to deal with. He did some remodel work for us last year and it was top notch!!! Stay away from Davey O'dell.....he stole money, building materials, tools, etc. from an acquaintance and skipped out on the job to the tune of about $15,000. Good luck with who you choose, but from my experience, you get what you pay for. 

Farmers Fight --- 6 years ago -

Call Jerry at Finishing Touches remodel.
Kingwood company- very reliable and honest. 

them --- 6 years ago -

I second what farmers said. Jerry with Finishing Touches does great work, is honest and reliable. 

TXbluebird --- 6 years ago -

Finishing Touches is honest, but very short on ideas. You have to know exactly what you want. Doesn't recommend styles or even functional things in cabinets, etc. I also thought the painters were sloppy. 

Anonymous123 --- 6 years ago -

Finishing touches... He's great and honestly it's what ideas you bring any contractor. They aren't designers. They are contractors. He has an interior designer that he works with-- Anne. They are both wonderful. They did our kitchen, bathrooms, flooring, bedrooms. 

TXbluebird --- 6 years ago -

I don't know when your work was done, but he definitely did NOT have a designer. I had mine done in 2014, and I know he had had someone previous to that. Usually a contractor has photos of previous work; he had nothing. I think it is possible that one person can have a great experience with a doctor, contractor, etc., and the other person can have a bad one. And that both experiences are valid. Please don't blame my lack of ideas. There were other issues with him. 

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