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Men's Groups for Porn / Sex Addiction?

who's talking here?

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TXborn86 --- 2 years ago -

A little embarrassing posting for this on KU...but I've tried Googling around Kingwood (churches, groups, etc.) for this and haven't found anything.

I'm looking for a support group (preferably religious-affiliated, but not required) that deals directly with men's struggle with porn and sex addiction.

I prefer the location revolve around the Kingwood/Humble/Atascocita area, but am open to other suggestions.

Any feedback / direction is much appreciated!


cjmrule --- 2 years ago -

I attend Lake Houston Church of the Nazarene and we have a group called Celebrate Recovery.

The church is in Atascocita, and the group deals with a lot of issues in this world, this being one. I can help point you in the right direction if you're seeking help.

Best of luck to you 

kjhutch --- 2 years ago -

Check website

Click on locations 

TXborn86 --- 2 years ago -

Thanks for the replies so far:

cjmrule: I've briefly heard good things about Celebrate Recovery, but I always thought that was toward alcoholism. What's the format for these meetings? Service/Groups/Etc?

kjhutch: Thanks for the heads up on this...the website says they have meetings from 7:30-8:30 on Wednesday nights at Christ the King Lutheran Church. However, it lists it as "COED". Same this organized as a service/ group meetings/etc? - is it both men and women, or do they split a part?

Thanks for the direction! 

cjmrule --- 2 years ago -

txborn, I reached out to one of my pastors to ask for more information for you. We haven't officially started the one in our church as of yet, but there is certainly a partnership that can guide you. They have a lot of assistance in areas, that include alcoholism, but are not exclusive to it. They do have a program for what you are looking for. As soon as I get specifics, I will send them. 

TXborn86 --- 2 years ago -

Cjmrule: that's awesome, thanks for your support on this. Very interested to know what you find out on this! 

cjmrule --- 2 years ago -

I wanted to give you the ministry leader's email. or please contact Dan or Lisa: or
The Lake Houston group is starting in a couple of weeks, and the second email is for a group already going. Best of luck. 

Hot Dog Diarrhea --- 2 years ago -


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