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Is Northpark flooding?

who's talking here?

Porter Wagoner 1
RedMulch 1
Mama24 1
Smokey545 2

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Smokey545 --- 4 years ago -

Is Northpark flooding? 

Mama24 --- 4 years ago -

Yes...I would say it is getting close to being impassable if this rain continues at all, although I am newer here and unsure of drains, etc. Traffic from 59 to about 3/4 mile east of 59 is VERY BACKED UP. North bound feeder from Kingwood to Northpark is super backed up as well. Prepare for delays and pack some patience. 

Porter Wagoner (Mod) --- 4 years ago -

North Park at Russel Palmer is getting close to impassable (this was at 4:30ish). 

RedMulch --- 4 years ago -

Were you singing there, Porter? 

Smokey545 --- 4 years ago -

Northpark is now open as of 6 pm. Flooding went down. Passable now both ways. 3 hours to get home from Med Center. 

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