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Free Fertility Testing (AMH test)

who's talking here?

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jasonyehmd --- 2 years ago -

Hopefully this is allowable for this forum.

My name is Dr. Jason Yeh and I?m a fertility specialist at Houston Fertility Institute in the Kingwood office. My office is hosting a free AMH blood testing (fertility test) event on June 16th from 3-7PM. We will also call you to report the blood test results once they are available. I?ll be there to answer any questions about future fertility, egg freezing or fertility treatments. It?ll be fast, easy and free and there will be some appetizers/drinks for everyone who attends! Call 281-359-2229 to schedule your appointment; hope to see many of you all there!

Kingwood Office Information:
350 Kingwood Medical Dr #210
Kingwood TX 77339
Phone: 281-359-2229
Fax: 281-359-2329

About Us:
We are located on the 2nd floor of the Kingwood Medical Arts building near the Kingwood Medical Center. It's the same building as the Memorial Hermann Surgical Hospital and the Care for Women OB/GYN Group.

I will also be checking this forum regularly for questions about infertility or general woman's health. I'll try to chime in when I see something relevant. If you made it this far in the post, thanks for reading! :)

Jason S. Yeh, MD
Director of Patient Education
Reproductive Endocrinology & Infertility
Houston Fertility Institute

Jason Yeh, MD:

Houston Fertility Institute: 

idontplaynice --- 2 years ago -

Is this for men or women? 

jasonyehmd --- 2 years ago -

This is for women. AMH is a hormonal marker of ovarian reserve which declines over time. The rate of decline is different for different women and could be useful for planning your family. 

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