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Kingwood Dr shut down

who's talking here?

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wannaBme --- 5 years ago -

Looks like it could be a wreck pass WLH Pkwy heading east.. anyone got info on what's going on? 

Annie's Mom --- 5 years ago -

No but we turned around and drove up WLH and then through Greentree. Very little traffic coming down when we got to Willow Terrace. 

blackgto --- 5 years ago -

Active incidents page says "CRASH/MAJOR/NON-FATAL" 

wannaBme --- 5 years ago -

Prayers for injured. I have 2 teens on the roads, both checked in with me and are alright. Scary when they're out and I hear sirens. 

SpottedPuppy --- 5 years ago -

Wonder if is the same wreck I saw earlier on the median.... Drunk dude with his car completely tilted onto two wheels on the guardrail, like a stunt car driver in the movies. Cops were trying to get the guy to cooperate as I passed by, but he was pretty wasted. Luckily it looked like he didn't hurt anyone. 

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