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HeavenMadeProducts --- 6 years ago -

I have been building cabinets for over 30 years, kitchens, bookcases, trim work, indoor and outdoor structures, outdoor kitchens and cabinets, anything you can design or simply draw out we can build it.

I have been out of work for over 4 months due to being in the hospital and am needing work to take care of my family and myself. Please think of us the next time you need any kind of remodeling done, we do it all and have lots of references. We try to be reasonable with our prices and we love doing excellent work. There are several companies here in Kingwood that do good work but their prices are astronomical, we can complete the same quality of work at a lower price. Give us a try and see for yourself.

Thanks!Give me a call and set up an appointment: Michael 832.788.6204 

HeavenMadeProducts --- 6 years ago -

The following link is to our Photobucket library where you should be able to see that we are capable of completing any job you can come up with and do it right.

The completed work of Strictly Quality Remodeling 

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