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The Best Seasoning For Your Holiday Cooking! Guaranteed!

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HeavenMadeProducts 2

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HeavenMadeProducts --- 6 years ago -

Alspaughs Hardware has a seasoning called "It's Incredible" by Heaven Made Products, it's in a purple bottle with a yellow lid. Talk to Dennis or Jim if you have trouble finding it. This seasoning can go into or onto anything. It's one of the best seasonings on the planet.

When you buy a bottle, just open it and smell, you will fall in love, then taste and oh my it's so good, then cook with it and you'll become addicted.

It was created for Steaks and is totally awesome on a Ribeye or your favorite cut of meat.

When we first started selling it people from all over the world purchased it including a lady in Moscow Russia and everyone sent back an email or called me asking me if I had tried it on this or that and I told everyone of them "No, it's my steak seasoning" they told me that I had to try it on this and that and I did and it was great on everything. One thing everyone said was: "That Stuff is Incredible" I got message and named it just that. Today we sell to restaurants and many people all over the world and many in Kingwood and all over Houston.

Please pick up your bottle today and if you aren't pleased with it, I offer you a 100% money back Guarantee. This seasoning is excellent on a Turkey along with whatever other spices you want to apply to your turkey for your favorite holiday flavor. Mix 1-2 tablespoons in with melted butter and inject into your turkey to give your turkey a garlicky buttery flavor. Oh man, you talk about good. While at Alspaugh's pick up another of our seasonings to try, I know you'll be pleased.

Our products are low in sodium: It's Incredible has only 8%, our Cajun Seasonings have only 5% which is very low for a Cajun Seasoning, but the flavor cannot be compared to other low sodium seasonings, ours is wonderful, theirs not so wonderful.

Visit this link for a review on "It's Incredible".
BBQ Sauce Review: It's Incredible

Call or email me if you have any questions or need a good recipe.
Michael 832.788.6204 

HeavenMadeProducts --- 6 years ago -

We also offer a 100% money back guarantee on our products. In the past 5 years we have not had any products returned, people just order more especially the It's Incredible, it truly is an awesome product. 

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