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Best Cajun Seasonings on the Planet. Bar None!

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HeavenMadeProducts --- 6 years ago -

Alspaugh's Hardware has the best Cajun Seasonings on the planet in their BBQ Section. In a purple bottle with a yellow lid. Ask Jim or Dennis to help you find it if you have any trouble finding it.

3-years ago we went to many Louisiana Festivals and sold our product: My Cajun brothers and sisters would come up to my table and ask me "What chu Got? I said "I got de bes Cajun Seasoning on de planet" Dey said "Awe nough sha, my favorite is whatever it was and you can't beat dat" So I would give them a sample of their favorite and a sample of my Amazin Cajun or Amazin Flamin Cajun and they would taste test mine first followed by theirs. 100% of the time Amazin Cajun or Flamin Cajun would win. The most common reply besides "Man dats good yeah" was about their favorite. "Oh God! I didn't know it was dat Salty"

Amazin Cajun along with all of my Cajun products are low in sodium at 6%. Most other Cajun seasonings are around 13% even thought like Tony Chachere's recipe has 12 ounces of salt in a 16 oz container totaling 80% sodium content by volume, they get a 13% sodium content rating, must be a Government calculator that they use to calculate that.

Take a bottle of your favorite Cajun seasoning and put some on your tongue and do the same with Amazin Cajun and you'll see the major difference, smell both of them and you'll be pleased with Amazin Cajun. Pour some of each on a plate and look for salt granules in each, you can't find salt granules in our products.

Our products are made right here in Porter and sold all over the world, all over the Houston area and used in several restaurants. Get a bottle for yourself and tell all of your Cajun friends about the Best Cajun Seasoning on the planet.

Call or email me if you have any questions or need a good recipe.
Michael 832.788.6204 

AwesomeTattooedDragon --- 6 years ago -

True dat! 

PokerFace --- 6 years ago -

That reminds me- I need to order two more big containers! 

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