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Do you need any Handyman Work before the holidays?

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HeavenMadeProducts --- 7 years ago -

We can do any kind of handy man work you need around your home. Lighting, minor electrical and plumbing, carpentry work, cabinet repair, sheetrock repair. You name it we can do it.

Our rate is $35.00 per hour and you purchase all materials. I guarantee you quality work in a reasonable amount of time. Save time and money by having all of your supplies waiting for us on the job. Then we can just go to work.

Have a problem no one can solve, I have 35 years experience in remodeling. I have completed a $450,000.00 job in West University and can do from small to any size projects. I have worked with engineers, architects and designers completing many awesome projects in all of those years.

3 hour minimum required.

Call or email me if you have any questions.
Michael 832.788.6204
Strictly Quality Remodeling 

andreweggplant --- 7 years ago -

About how long to put up approximately 70 feet of fence. 12 posts, 155 fence boards. Will need holes for posts. 

HeavenMadeProducts --- 7 years ago -

First we would have to rent a post hole digger for around $100.00 maybe less, and would dig the holes in 1 hour vs 1 guy for about 6 hours of digging with a manuel post hole digger, which would save you money in the hourly charge.

Second it would take about 4 hours to set up string lines to set the posts level and straight and in concrete. Next day framing and installing pickets 4-6 hours. Two men will be needed for this job, main guy $35.00 per hour experienced helper $22.00 per hour. It is possible that they could finish in a couple hours less than the total, but I want them to do a good job first and time within a reasonable amount. If you can get your own materials that will also save money, best to hand pick pickets no matter where you buy them, because if employees of Home Depot or Lowes pick them you may get many that are trash. Home Depot or Lowes will deliver also.

Hope this helps?

HeavenMadeProducts --- 7 years ago -

Here is a link to our photobucket library of photos from previous jobs.

You should be able to see that we are capable of completing any job you can come up with and do it right.

The Completed jobs of Strictly Quality Remodeling  

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