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Invisible Fencing

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mrsb1227 --- 7 years ago -

Hello All,

My pups are becoming escape artists and I need them to stay PUT! Anyone have any Invisible Fence recommendations? They are diggers and a new fence hasn't helped. TIA! 

SueRDH --- 7 years ago -

I have one that I installed myself and it works well. I purchased it from Lowe's. 

Jpgirl --- 7 years ago -

Pros and cons
Pros- no fence

Cons? other dogs and cats can still get in your yard. My friend had one and her very well behaved standard poodle killed a dog ( who was constantly roaming the neighborhood) who wandered into their yard
Next con- how smart is your dog?? We had an invisible fence in Ohio for our 2 dogs. most of these fences work by giving an audible ( to the dog) alert when the dog was approaching the L barrier and then a shock when too close to the barrier. We could adjust how close to the shock the audible sound would occur. We had an extremely intelligent dog who figured out how the system worked- she would "run" the fence- she'd run along the fence line over and over until she no longer heard the audible sound. She knew if there was no audible warning she could go past the fence. Basically she would run the battery down by running the fence - then no shock would be delivered. The Invisible Fence rep he had never seen anything like it- the battery that should've lasted 6 months- would last about a month!!!! She wouldn't run away- she just wanted to hunt squirrels,rabbits and opposums in the woods behind us- she was a great dog!

I'd never put another one in just because I don't want other dogs, cats getting into the yard 

mrsb1227 --- 7 years ago -

@ Jpgirl Dogs don't get into my fence, they see someone with their dog through our fence and do everything they can to get out. They especially do it while my husband and I are at work. I HATE leaving them in their crates all day, we can't afford a brand new fence all around the house so we needed a solution so they can be outside but not get out. 

Rubicon --- 7 years ago -

We had the DIY one in our old house. The wires were very fragile, so be careful. We only used it for a little while, but the dog would run and hide in the closet every time she heard that tone for a long time after we stopped using the system. It took me a while to figure out why she would run and hide, trembling in the closet.

We also forgot about the fence several times and walked her across the invisible fence when we took her for walks (poor pup!), so keep that in mind! 

Jpgirl --- 7 years ago -

OH I see- you already have a fence. Well the only thing I'd add is leaving them outside unattended isn't really the best solution- the crates are much safer. Maybe hire a pet sitter to come in or take them to doggie day care once a week. My neighbor's leave their dogs out and the bark all day which drives those of us who work from home nuts 

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