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Edith Mazure --- 2 years ago -

To the driver of the WHITE NISSAN MAXIMA, License plate DV2 P508. At 7:23 am this morning your were in the far right lane of KW Drive, speeding, and there was a PRIMROSE Private School Bus with children on board in the left lane. All heading toward Woodland Hills Dr. from Chestnut Ridge. YOU WERE A HORRIBLE, UNSAFE, IMPOTENT person for the way that you cut off the school bus, abrubtly, so you could cross two lanes of traffic, unsafely, so you could turn LEFT off of KW Drive onto Woodland Hills. SHAME ON YOU for making the roadways much more unsafe than they already are for our drivers and pedestrians. 

lulajean --- 2 years ago -

Good for you Edith! I hope your post makes a difference. 

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