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Camp Gladiator

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MPFitness --- 2 years ago -

Have you tried Camp Gladiator?

Camp Gladiator is by far the best group fitness experience I've ever had. I invite each and every one of you to give Camp Gladiator a try. The next 4 week camp begins Feb 6th and I would love to see you there! There are multiple Kingwood locations with class times in the morning and evening.
A camp membership is valued at $189 but I have the great privilege of offering this life changing experience for the incredibly low price of $89. Have a friend that wants to join with you? Bring a friend and you can each sign up for only $79! What an incredible deal for unlimited sessions!
Don't worry! There's no sign up fees or commitments. Just Fun, Friends, and Fitness!

Sign up today! 

StopItNow --- 2 years ago -

This sounds good, may have to sign up for it. 

MPFitness --- 2 years ago -

Awesome! The next camps starts on Monday and you are welcome to come check out a session for free to see what its all about. If you like it, we can get you registered at that time.

If you want to click the link above or email us at we can see what location and time works best for you! 

MPFitness --- 2 years ago -

Below is a list of the times and locations in Kingwood

Woodridge Forest
Middle School
MWF 4:50am

Bible Church
MWF 8:30am

Tiger Rock
MWF 9:15am

Willow Creek
TTH 5:00am

Bear Branch
MWF 5:15am
MW 5:15pm
MW 6:30pm

TTH 6:00pm 

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