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In Home Lice Removal Service, Get Rid Of Lice TODAY!

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LeighKingwood --- 4 years ago -

I am the founder of BuggyLouse here in Kingwood. I will come to your home and remove lice, pesticide free, from your families hair. I also will help with clean up and preventive measures, all confidentially. I have plenty of references and would love to help you get rid of those BuggyLouse! 

Winning --- 4 years ago -


waterfall --- 4 years ago -

Which village do you spend most of your time in? Sherwood Trails? Hunter's Ridge? 

Winning --- 4 years ago -

Is it easier to find lice in a ginger's hair? 

LeighKingwood --- 4 years ago -

Lice are un-biased and do not discriminate. 

Porter Wagoner (Mod) --- 4 years ago -

I'm looking for a drive-thru experience, myself. 

LeighKingwood --- 4 years ago -

Still availabilities! 

LeighKingwood --- 4 years ago -

Service today! 

LeighKingwood --- 4 years ago -


dkeller --- 4 years ago -

[i]Lice are un-biased and do not discriminate.?[i]

great response; good luck with your business. 

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