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Thinking about starting a bike courier service in the summer

who's talking here?

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bikerider1254 --- 2 years ago -

I may start a bike courier service for the kingwood area. I would deliver packages up to 10 pounds around the kingwood area for 5$, or if you want priority service it would be 7$. I would deliver anything from fragile packages to simple letters. You would even to pay an extra 2$ to insure the package! I would like to get the opinion of the public. [and tips are always welcome :)] 

SolongKU4ever --- 2 years ago -

Great idea. But I would totally charge more then you are charging. It's a lot of work. Good luck with your endeavors. I would totally use you. (If I lived in Kingwood.....LOL) but apparently I live everywhere BUT Kingwood. LOL 

dkeller --- 2 years ago -

Just one tip. Have a substitute "You" ready to go before you start offering your services just in case. You don't want some fluke of illness or accident to cause you to provide less-than-perfect service the day your business gets off the ground. Good luck! Let us know how it goes.

Hire American only, please; these would be great jobs for the young or the fit :) 

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