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The Odd Job Specialist 2

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The Odd Job Specialist --- 4 years ago -

If you have any remodeling projects we can get them completed at a reasonable price. We can do everything in a home. We can do projects that other contractors may not want the liability . There is nothing too hard for me to figure out.

There are several remodeling companies in the area that we compete against and in many cases we have beat their price by a huge margin and provided the same quality. It's all about the worker, we use the same guys as they do and I have 34 years experience in Home Remodeling.

I don't have a designer on staff but I use a local designer that can help you with any project design and she has been designing for approximately 40 plus years and can assist you with all design work, color selection etc. She is great and you will love her.

Save yourself some money and give us a chance to complete any remodeling project. I have wonderful references. Doctors, U of Houston professors, regular people etc.

We recently did a job that another contractor would not attempt to do and that was installing huge beams and removing walls to open up a house to create the open concept and the project turned out awesome. We recently did a huge master bathroom complete with heated flooring, TV, beautiful design by my designer. It was an amazing project worthy of being on TV and turned out amazing. Some companies in the area would have priced it at $70K, $80K, $100K, but we did it for $40K and used the very best products we could find. We did this for a local Doctor and his precious wife.

Give us a chance today and save some money and get a great job.

The Odd Job Specialists
Call or text me for an appointment. 

The Odd Job Specialist --- 4 years ago -

Here is a link to my photo bucket page where you can view lots of jobs we have completed in the last couple of years.

Photo Bucket Page link 

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