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Terrible Customer Service!

who's talking here?

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a3268600uu --- 5 years ago -

How disappointing!!!
I have been a customer for many years of LOCAL PRINT SOLUTION. Amazon is easier and cheaper for me but I like to support local businesses. Well, this store won't be getting any more business from me!
Went in there for a Canon cyan ink cartridge. Asia was helping me and then the manager interrupted and I was handed over to Hannah. She was quite rude and not helpful in trying to figure out which model number I needed. I came home with the wrong cartridge. Called to see if I could exchange after I opened Proceeded to tell the manager about how I like to try and help support local businesses. Could he give me any Told him I would be ordering from Amazon and would no longer support his business. He told me to have a nice day. What ever happened to customer service? Disappointing to say the least. Just placed my Amazon order!!! 

OLDBIKER --- 5 years ago -

went out the window with teaching kids manors. 

Behold the pale horse --- 5 years ago -

went out the window with teaching kids manors.

See airline thread.. 

Rubicon --- 5 years ago -

That's terrible! 

Eliza2 --- 5 years ago -

went out the window with teaching kids manors.
...and spelling. 

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