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NEVER go to Texan Buik

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590txgirl --- 6 years ago -

I took my enclave into Texan for an oil change. The vehicle was running in perfect condition. Coming home from the dealership my vehicle stalled. They took it back charged me $700 to "fix it". It continues to have the same issue. They charged me another $135 to see what the problem is. This time they told me I need a alternator replaced. An honest mechanic said it was not necessary. This is about the fifth different thing they said was wrong. The only similarity is that Texan wants money after money. I have now spoken to many people and all unanimously say "you are crazy to go to those guys". I am so disgusted by Texan I can not say. After my 5th GMC vehicle this will be my last. GMCs "customer service" response is "deal with Texan". 

Joe Blow --- 6 years ago -

Removed, warning. 

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