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Looks like we are stuck with career politicians forever

who's talking here?

Karras 1

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Karras --- 1 years ago -

Take a step back for a second and look at what is happening to President Trump.

What is happening to him is the reason why no one will come from the private sector to run for President, from either side again.

This exercise in trying to get rid of Trump, or at least stall his presidency, is brought to you by our federal government. They do not want outsiders in the swamp.

Not only is the swamp trying to get rid of Trump, it is also telling those like Zuckerberg, Bezos, Winfrey, Cuban, Sanders, Theil, etc., don't even think about running for president or expect the same result, if not worse.

What does this mean. We will go back and forth between RINO republicans of the Jeb Bush variety and same old same old Clinton types from the Dems. 

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