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July 4th trash pick up

who's talking here?

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Watson6 --- 1 years ago -

Can someone remind me what days are trash pick up this week for sand creek 

Saturn --- 1 years ago -

Per the Waste Management website, tomorrow, the 4th, will be a regular trash pickup day.

I don't know about the other companies. 

Gigix4 --- 1 years ago -

Thanks Saturn. This morning I looked all over their website and could not find the schedule, for what-ever reason! 

Saturn --- 1 years ago -

It's kind of hard to find, Gigi, but if you go to their website and login, go to the Residential link and the "Holiday Schedule" icon. It's there that says tomorrow, the 4th, is a normal pickup day.

I was going to send you the link, but it has my personal information (even if I don't login) and I prefer not to give that out. 

Gigix4 --- 1 years ago -

Gotcha' ... I guess I don't have a login so I didn't have access to the holiday schedule.
I have too many dang "logins" and "passwords" to keep up with. LOL!!! 

Saturn --- 1 years ago -

Sorry Gigi, but I deleted the link to Waste Management.

When I followed the link that I posted it took me to my address. Somehow, it must recognize my Login / IP Address.

However, you can Google Waste Management to their Website and get the same information ...

Incidentally, all of the flowers you gave me are doing well and the Milk Weed seeds are finally coming up.

Now I'm on Monarch Butterfly watch ... 

Gigix4 --- 1 years ago -

Incidentally, all of the flowers you gave me are doing well and the Milk Weed seeds are finally coming up.

YEA! The monarchs are just waiting on a few flowers. :) 

FunStuff --- 1 years ago -

I live in Sand Creek, and we have Best Trash. I'm not sure if everyone in Sand Creek has them. According to their website:

If your trash service day falls on a holiday it will be collected on your next regularly scheduled trash service day. If your recycle day falls on a holiday if will be collected on your next regularly schedule recycle day. 

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