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Great Prices on APPLIANCES BUILT-IN APPLIANCES, on North Park Dr. is OPEN

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KGWDCindy --- 2 years ago -

Just a reminder, as a customer, this has is a great LOCAL business ...

---BUILT-IN APPLIANCES - NORTH PARK DR. near Russel Palmer Road


I have been to this place several times
over the past 10+ years and PRICES are
GREAT & lower than Lowe's...

All appliances available

and great service... 

GrandParentKingwood --- 2 years ago -

YES, I agree great prices and hometown
service and planning to purchase my
new cooktop at BUILT-IN APPLIANCES 

Gigix4 --- 2 years ago -

I can give these guys a "thumbs up" as well. Have bought a couple of appliances (pre-Harvey) and had them installed the appliances and have nothing but good things to say about them. 

Saturn --- 2 years ago -


I, too, have bought appliances from them and they beat all the major chain stores in both price and installation cost.

If your shopping for major appliances, do yourself a favor (and your wallet / purse) and check out their prices, before you buy.

In all likelihood, you'll be glad you did. 

doglady --- 2 years ago -

Great business and service! Was so happy to find a top loading washing machine!vs a font loader!!!
Very nice man to do business with and full of good information! 

KingwoodLivableF --- 2 years ago -

What great PRICES compared to
Home Depot and Lowe's

Great professional service !

I am getting a cooktop next 

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