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Pet Ranch is open - limited hours and supplies

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doglady --- 70 days ago -

Hey everybody, I haven't been here in ages, but wanted everyone to know that Pet Ranch is open!!! Limited hours and supplies, but they may have what you need. Cash and Checks only until next week, hours 9-5, daily 10-5-Sunday, might want to call first, but would like to give them all the support we can! They've always been there to help our community -lets lend them a hand :) 281-361-4300 

andreweggplant --- 70 days ago -

Some confusion...Freebyrd said they would be open on the 12th. Are they open now? 

doglady --- 70 days ago -

andrew-she said " they are there daily and have been, cleaning and helping with people's needs if they come by"... :) They lost a lot, and will be getting more inventory, but will be glad to help with what is available :) 

Joe --- 70 days ago -

what's the situation on grooming hours, if any? 

doglady --- 70 days ago -

Joe, freebyrd says they will resume grooming on 9/12, if you would please call for an appointment :) 

RedMulch --- 70 days ago -


doglady --- 70 days ago -


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