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Sprinkler repair - MUST be reasonable price

who's talking here?

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Tickles --- 5 years ago -

(don't ask how..) but my Sprinkler Stick got pummeled and I am looking for repair that won't cost arm and leg. Last time I had sprinkler fixed it was over $300.. which seemed really high.. Any recommendations? 

andreweggplant --- 5 years ago -

What do you consider reasonable? What are you comparing to? Do you have some back up as to what you feel the repairs should cost? 

Gigix4 --- 5 years ago -

Would you consider a DYI? It's not that hard to dig out the damaged spigot then unscrew it and replace with a new one.
Just a little "grunt" work. 

Zapper009 --- 5 years ago -

The tool to unscrew the damaged spigot is somewhere around $10 at Lowes or Home Depot.

A reasonable repair guy I call is John Leber, 281-881-9135 - ask him over the phone what his rates are. Seems to be very honest. 

Texvette --- 5 years ago -

I have used the Rain Mann (Curtis Mann). ‭(281) 813-8014‬. Great work and very reasonable 

sheddy --- 5 years ago -

You tube it. I have changed them myself. 

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