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The Awe Inspiring JoelleDrees (Mod) --- 5 years ago -

Has anyone received a letter from them claiming you have unpaid ez tag violations? I did today...from 2005. I have never owned an ez tag. I called to get it cleared up and "Michael Smith " was demeaning, uncooperative, rude, laughed at ne, and called me a liar. Upon research, I've found this to be a scam. Don't fall for it. 

Eliza2 --- 5 years ago -

One of the local tv channels did a piece on this in May-re: unpaid ez tag fines and the kangaroo court they hold 

Eliza2 --- 5 years ago -

Linebarger etc. debt collectors 

Sharticus --- 5 years ago -

You don't have to have an E-Z tag to get an EZ tag violation. Someone with your license plate number at the time probably went on the toll way and forgot to pay a toll. These guys don't sound like a scam based on that last link. They sound like opportunists chasing down long forgotten debts. Kind of the reverse of the old commercial stating you might have unclaimed money. 

Tulips --- 5 years ago -

Thank you for sharing. My husband said we got the same letter in the mail from them, claiming we owe a debt. My husband paid it bc we have an ez tag, so he thought it was legit. Now he's going to call eztag later. Wow. We also have a man coming to our door, claiming we owe a debt, and that he needs to speak to my husband only. This man has been coming to our house a lot these past two weeks. Anyone have this happen to them? 

Saturn --- 5 years ago -

You can create an EZ Tag account on their website and after signing in you should be able to verify if it's legit, or if it's a scam.

EZ Tag Website 

Tulips --- 5 years ago -

Thank you 

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