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Makeup Artist in need of Models

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contourbylauren 1

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contourbylauren --- 3 years ago -

Hey ladies!

I am a local makeup artist for a company called Maskcara Beauty and I need to expand my portfolio!

I'm looking for 5 women who would be interested in getting a free makeover!
And by free I really mean free. You're doing me a favor, so there's no pressure to buy anything.

I can travel anywhere in the Kingwood area if you would like me to come to you. We would take a before photo, do your makeup and hair and then snap an after. The process is usually fairly quick, but varies. (If you need a mom break though I would be happy to take even longer) ;)

I love this makeup, I love helping people feel beautiful and confident and I love meeting new people, so I hope you will come take some time for you and let me pamper you!

If this is something you would be interested in, feel free to contact me via email and we can schedule an appointment!

Feel free to check out my link for more info: 

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