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Ok. What if Trump,,,,,,,

who's talking here?

Markster 2
Prolix Raconteur 1

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Markster --- 343 days ago -

Is proposing to get rid of the death tax because he may be thinking of faking his own death..nahhhh
Plausible but too elementary, even for him.

Hardly maters since it (current as-is tax reform) wont pass anyway. 

Markster --- 343 days ago -

"I don't blame China"
Trump said that seated next to China's President Xi pronounced (she)
Talks pretty tuff at home, goes soft face to face. I hope this visit has a positive effect in regard to N.K. & China-U.S. 

Prolix Raconteur --- 343 days ago -

Seen the vid of his grand-daughter singing in Mandarin for Xi Jinping and his entourage? Pretty impressive. Cute kid. 

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