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Male Siamese Cat Missing

who's talking here?

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LisaLisa --- 1 years ago -

I was out of town due to my dad having a heart attack and returned home to find that my male Siamese cat got let out yesterday on Fawn Creek Drive in Hunter's Ridge, at 4pm and has not returned. Please please keep an eye out for him. He is my baby. Please call Lisa 7138552269
I Cannot figure out how to post a photo on this discussion. He is dark beige bodied, black ears, tail, feet and face with blue eyes. 

Tulips --- 1 years ago -

Someone on Nextdoor just wrote that they saw a Siamese cat at the "Hunterdge" pool. 

Tulips --- 1 years ago -

I sent you a text Lisa.. Hope it's your kitty 

a6068076uu --- 1 years ago -

Lisa, I left you a voicemail and sent you a text. I saw a siamese cat at Park Garden and Clear Falls Dr. this morning. Wearing a black collar with little rhinestones. 

Tulips --- 1 years ago -

She found him :) 

Zapper009 --- 1 years ago -

That's great...

Now, to whom does this beautiful Siamese cat, sleeping on my deck, belong to??? 

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