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Deerbrook Emergency Animal Hospital

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TinktheSprite 1

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TinktheSprite --- 285 days ago -

A free standing building across the street from Macy's Deerbrook in Humble. I had heard how expensive they are. But just remember, they ARE providing emergency service for your pet when most vets aren't available. Glad to be able to rely on them for help for our beloved pets when needed.

They've reopened since Harvey last Friday. Everything is brand new and shiny! $100.50 up front for emergency service fee PLUS whatever your pet needs to stabilize. In addition, they plan ahead for whatever else might be needed i.e. more meds., lab tests, Oxygen, etc., and give you that estimate. And yes, those services do not come cheaply. They are up front with all costs and you can opt out if you want. (Just like you can opt out doing CPR on your pet)

I am glad to have this so close to us when needed. The others are in The Woodlands, Conroe, and Houston. 

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