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"LOCAL" Ground Floor Investor needed to develop HMG (HydoMagneticGenerator)

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KW GreenBelt 1

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KW GreenBelt --- 1 years ago -

Needed a hands on investor to develop
this portable energy device. Should
have access to $225,000.00 to complete phase one.

Electrical background is needed.


To facilitate the design of implementation of new technology to create portable Hydro-Magnetic Generator (HMG) Energy machines that will produce 10,320 WATTS of power for home and business electrical needs.

Units can be configured in a series to meet increased energy requirements.

This innovative project will provide CLEAN energy in a NEW TECHNOLOGY using an INNOVATIVE design and protocol that results in meeting the US energy needs while CREATING jobs.

This is a four-phase project:

Phase ONE:
Develop a working prototype.

Includes: Filing Patents, developing
unique coil, HMG design,
Magnetic Water Pump using
DC (direct current)

Phase TWO:

ENHANCE with safety features

Phase THREE:

Production and Assembly Set-up with three US facilities

Phase FOUR:

Distribution and Installation

GProject2001 at gmail is a good contact mail. 

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