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Any Stray Cat Rescue Group In Area?

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agent009 1

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agent009 --- 299 days ago -

I was wondering if anyone knows of a stray cat rescue group in the kingwood area? Such as the group who rescued all the cats when the apartments were torn down in Town Center?
I need help with a group of cats that are living in the woods between Walmart on Northpark and the Village Learning Center. A momma cat had kittens there about 8 months ago, at the beginning of summer, and I started feeding them. I have managed to get a few of them comfortable enough with me to let me take them home and find homes for them, but there are still several there. And I have seen a few other cats there, including the other day a female with a collar, but obviously nursing, so there may be more kittens in there now. I was feeding them to get them used to me, as I said, so I could eventually get them in homes, but the Walmart manager has noticed and threatened to get rid of them his way, so I am afraid he will poison them.
If a rescue group with catcher-cages could help catch and take to a shelter type place for adoption, that would be so great. I am overwhelmed at this point with what to do since the manager got upset they were being fed, even though it was on the Village Learning centers property, not Walmarts, but I guess the cats go on their property too.
Any suggestions or ideas please? 

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