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Does Anyone Know A Good Licensed Plumber

who's talking here?

Eliza2 1
Miss Understanding 1
au5676 1
KGWDCindy 1
machineguy 6

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machineguy --- 1 years ago -


Eliza2 --- 1 years ago -

Alpha Omega 

au5676 --- 1 years ago -

Nooooooo!,,,, I would never use Alpha Omega again. 1. Promised to perform a repair following day but ?forgot? to tell scheduler so a week later they finally showed up, 2. It took them 6 man hours, more than $500, to install 2 faucets I already owned was 30% less ( later checked with Lowe?s should have been $150 a faucet) and 3. Theyinstalled an access panel which prevents a pocket door from closed completely. I?ve called the owner twice and after being told he will call back, nothing. They are a bunch of idiots. I called Gap plumbing but too busy so recommended these guys. 

machineguy --- 1 years ago -


machineguy --- 1 years ago -


machineguy --- 1 years ago -

I've heard that Abacus Plumbing is good. Anyone have experience with them. Sometimes you have to be careful with reviews because company might be writing them. 

Miss Understanding --- 1 years ago -

Yu don't need new plumbing just ask SSFG she says you should just sell all your belongings and move to another city. 

machineguy --- 1 years ago -


machineguy --- 1 years ago -

Sorry I don't understand your comment for a recommended plumber. 

KGWDCindy --- 1 years ago -

PASS on ALPHA - friend used them many many years ago...and they were good...but NOT ANYMORE....

Scheduled a service call about 4 days
in the future, never showed up...
but came the next day...

THEN they lied or mislead as told,
on the phone,

they charged by the JOB,

but switched upon arrival and
charged $155.00 per hour....

so it took them about 1.5 hours
to repair ONE yes ! only ONE,
already exposed and ready
to remove and replace...
copper pipe for a leak.

plus two other issues that I forgot

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