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?Sharps Container Disposal?

who's talking here?

Saturn 1
TinktheSprite 2

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TinktheSprite --- 346 days ago -

I have 2 filled Sharps Container. Where can I dispose of them properly?

They just one I had had a mail in container for disposal. These

Saturn --- 346 days ago -

This may sound like an unlikely place, but after my wife passed away, I took several containers of syringes to the Vet's office (Kingwood Animal Hospital / Vitalpet) for disposal and they got rid of them.

I tried to drop them off at the Park & Ride one weekend when they were taking hard to dispose of items, but they refused to take them. 

TinktheSprite --- 321 days ago -

Had to dig deeper but Google says in the state of Texas, after placing needles etc in a plastic container then sealed, you throw that into the trash. Okay. Thought it was odd. But we did just that. Ours are in "official" Sharps Container. I hope nobody gets hurt from this manner of disposal. 

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