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Samsung Galaxy S9Edge

who's talking here?

AwesomeTattooedDragon 1
Miss Understanding 2
TinktheSprite 2

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TinktheSprite --- 343 days ago -

No regrets buying this phone. It continues to give you all the competent business bells and whistles everyone needs in a phone with a flare for creativity and fun. Frankly, IDK what Samsung can improve upon after this? What could possibly be next??

Also after many DECADES, we switched from Sprint to Verizon and get better service. For switching I got a free s9edge for our DD.

Purchased the phones at BOGO (!) at Costco, plus not 1 but 2-$150 Costco Cash cards!? The Square One warranty was $119/yr more than half the Sprint's $19/mo warranty. That purchase was a no brainer!

Then within the first 6 hours I cracked the back screen. Groan. 

AwesomeTattooedDragon --- 343 days ago -

I guess making a tougher back screen could be next! lol! 

Miss Understanding --- 343 days ago -

What is a backscreen? 

TinktheSprite --- 343 days ago -

The Galaxy used to be rugged, rubber covered (except for the glass screen. LOVED that S5! Then they mocked the iPhone in the worst way beginning with the S6, I believe, making the entire case glass. smh Why?! But that marketing, or, "mocketing" and copying the competitor. BUT diehard iPhone users are loving the freedom of the S9. 

Miss Understanding --- 343 days ago -

What Freedom? 

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