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***Time To Order Dinner For Tomorrow***NEW CUSTOMERS WELCOME

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Lea 1

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Lea --- 262 days ago -

Why should you have to work all day only to get off, go home and start cooking dinner? Relax, kick back and I?ll do the cooking.
I am from South Louisiana and I cook plenty of Cajun dishes and every other dish has my Cajun twist.
I prepare the meals in my home and I have them ready by 5:00.
Every week the menu changes and I do accept requests.
If possible, please let me know the day before or early morning. Everything I cook is made from scratch. Nothing comes out of a box. Even the dinner rolls are homemade

Thank you so much!!!

Please text orders to 713-962-3765

Cajun Chicken Fettuccine Alfredo
Green Beans
Banana Pudding
Dinner Roll 

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