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When do you turn your evening lights on?

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Myra801 --- 284 days ago -

Sometimes it is so peaceful to let the daylight pass without having any artificial light going on in the house but normally there are things to do or I just simply forget and flip the light switch the minute it starts getting dark.

I remember my parents sitting outside as the light faded and enjoying it before coming in and turning on lights.

Do you turn on the lights when the light starts to fade or do you enjoy the passing of the day without artificial lights? 

TinktheSprite --- 284 days ago -

I just reset my porch timer to go on at 7:45 pm. But we have a very treesy yard and the inside of the house stays fairly shaded in the day. Consequently, it gets darker faster, too. But usually we have only one small light in the main room if the TV is on. 

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