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Twin Liquor Store

who's talking here?

Steveneedsbeer 1
Miss Understanding 2
Texvette 1
Myra801 2

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Steveneedsbeer --- 5 years ago -

I was passing through the HEB parking lot yesterday and noticed that Twin Liquor has finally opened! It?s a really nice store and the staff was very friendly. They?re having their grand opening next Wednesday. That other liquor store up front better step up their game! Check out their ?Twin Deals?. It?s pretty much buy one get one half off! 

Miss Understanding --- 5 years ago -

You the owner??? bTW I am celibate when it comes to alchol. 

Myra801 --- 5 years ago -

bTW I am celibate when it comes to alchol.
that's funny...celibate from alcohol.

In that case I am celibate from alcohol, tobaccy, codependent old men, sodywaters, anything that tastes sweet and sour at the same time, and anyone that still has a duck-face on their Facebook page.

The list is actually quite long but no one is interested i'm sure :)

And, yeah good question!...are you the owner or are you just some random person that needs beer ;) 

Miss Understanding --- 5 years ago -

Myra I note you don't mention Mary Jane celibacy lol 

Myra801 --- 5 years ago -

I note you don't mention Mary Jane celibacy

Ah!!! you stinka!

Yes, I am also celibate of Mary 

Texvette --- 5 years ago -

Went to Twin Liquors yesterday. I was very impressed. Very clean and organized. Staff was super friendly and very knowledgeable. I was impressed with the deals and pricing. A very good addition to Kingwood 

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