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Monday?s Dinner...Red beans w/Sausage, cornbread & peanut butter cookies

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Lea --- 304 days ago -


Dinners will be ready by 5:00 and are 8.00. Meals are cooked at my VERY CLEAN home and also picked up here.

Text 713-962-3765 to order.

Thank you 

Myra801 --- 303 days ago -

I would probably never buy a meal from you because I would probably just make it myself but I just want to go girl...keep at it! I wish you the best of luck at trying to earn some money in a way that is a bit outside of the box.

It takes courage to put yourself out there and keep trying. Be safe with people coming to your home and good luck to you in your endeavors :) 

Miss Understanding --- 303 days ago -

Same as myra. I tell you what if I have considered picking up a couple on a day I didnt feel good but if hubby found out he would be furious at me.since i do not employ outside the home.

Lea does a fab job with her meals, support her service all you dual family workers. 

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