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i was once an atheist till this happened

who's talking here?

God Troller 1

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God Troller --- 233 days ago -

When I was in a suicide tank in jail I had a vest on with two velcros on each shoulder to keep it on. When I was sitting down in the tank all the sudden one of my velcros disappeared. That's when I knew in my phycosis that it is some sort of sign to look for. That's when I looked around the graffiti on the walls and somehow I figured out to look at the pentagram on the wall and point in certain directions. When I did that the other Velcro disappeared. So there was no way to keep it on.

It took me about 6 months after I got on medication for my phycosis to believe it was a sign of God bcuz I did research about the pentagram and it said that it represents Jesus wounds and christians use to wear it back in the day. Also when I was crying really hard bcuz a voice convinced me that it was real and my paranoia was real. The voice said to find out what 420 means or kill urself. When Ii looked up "repeating 420 number" it said it was a number of an angel. When I put 2 and 2 together I realized that it was a sign from God. I cried in happiness for about 30 mins bcuz I believed if God was real y did he make me so I'm perfectly to survive in this world.

I'm just glad now that God showed me a sign bcuz I really needed that. 

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