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Donald lies again. The US has a trade surplus with Canada

who's talking here?

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fuzz81 --- 349 days ago -

The US has an $8.4B trade surplus. See for yourself directly on a US gov website: 

DVaz --- 349 days ago -

Other than fantastic maple syrup, what does Canada have to offer us? Please enlighten me...? 

fuzz81 --- 348 days ago -

Oil. Lumber. Precious metals. Electricity (Quebec is a large supplier to the northern states) 

fuzz81 --- 348 days ago -

The US has 36 billion barrels of oil.
Canada has 172 billion barrels. 

fuzz81 --- 348 days ago -

Don?t forget to fly a Canadian flag on Canada day, July 1st to show your solidarity with your largest trading partner. 

DVaz --- 348 days ago -

Thanks for actually posting information instead of being a prick. 

Prolix Raconteur --- 348 days ago -

You want to see some funny sh*t, google "Justin Trudeau's eyebrow" for pure hilarity.. 

fuzz81 --- 348 days ago -


Prolix Raconteur --- 348 days ago -

Oh come on Fuzz, you have to admit that was pretty funny and especially the field day social media had with it. Seriously, does the dude wear fake eyebrows? 

SoupIsGoodFood --- 348 days ago -

Picking on Trudeau immediately triggers Fuzzball.


OrdinaryGuy --- 347 days ago -

How about the high taxes the Canadians put on American dairy products. According to you liberals it's ok for them to put high taxes on our dairy products HURTING our farmers but not ok when we do the same thing. As usual fuzzball only told half the story.

Taxes Canadians put on American dairy products 

Prolix Raconteur --- 347 days ago -

My industry has been affected by tariffs, but they weren't imposed by Trump. They were brought about by the ITC after lawsuits were filed by specific industries in federal court alleging dumping. Specifically, a 25% tariff was imposed on Canadian softwoods about 2 years ago (Pine, Fir, Spruce etc) as they were dumping it into the US market. A 200% tariff was imposed on importers of Chinese mfd plywood for dumping in the US market, crippling that segment of US industry. Many US mills have reopened as a result of these tariffs, creating thousands of jobs. 

jackass --- 347 days ago -

Soup has trumps balls on the 

SoupIsGoodFood --- 347 days ago -

You waited all that time in the box to finally get to say that. How long has Trumps balls been on your brain? 

jackass --- 347 days ago -

I?m not the one bragging about them soupy...weak try. 

fuzz81 --- 347 days ago -

How about the high taxes the Canadians put on American dairy products

US dairy operates at a loss, subsidized by your tax dollars. Do some research. 

jackass --- 347 days ago -

Do some research.

They think reading trumps twitter feed qualifies as research... 

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