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Looking for brand new appliances that are cheaper than retail?

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Discount appliance --- 2 years ago -

Hi my name is Matthew and I work for discount appliance. I was just going to post on here to see if anyone is looking for any brand new appliances or furniture. I?d be happy to help we have eight locations in Houston. We do sell scratch and dent but a lot of them have minimal damage where it?s not noticeable once installed into your home. They all come with at least a four year warranty or a full factory warranty. 

Myra801 --- 2 years ago -

I'm sorry, I don't need an appliance but now I'm curious. Does your company have a website and is it called just that... "Discount Appliance"? Several locations come up but the words "discount" and "appliance" together are so ubiquitous who can tell which ones are you guys. What is the phone number of the one you work for?

But you say you all have eight locations so you don't really care which location gets the customer? Are you owner of all eight locations, perhaps.

Just curious...good luck to you in drumming up some business; keep at it :) 

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