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KW GreenBelt 2

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KW GreenBelt --- 319 days ago -


PRIZE Gift Card for:
" SUB Zero Ice Cream "

Clues for both A and B Treasure Hunts:

1) I am in Kingwood placed only in a safe area

2) I am inside an envelope

3) I am less than two blocks
from Kingwood Drive.

4) Tape was likely used to secure
"me" (the treasure) to something.

5) Even a 6 year old could find me
and touch me.

Treasure Hunt A: Clues

A) Roses are Red Violets are Blue
Look up, look down, look all around

B) I (the Treasure, if I had a nose) sometimes can smell "food" depending on the time of day.

D) I am dressed in white because I am an envelope

E) I am less than 1 block away and NORTH of "Smart Financial "
F) HEB is to the West of ME
I Might be under or on or near a TABLE

Treasure Hunt B: Clues

A) Look up, look down, look all around

B) I near a place that has dancing and fun activities.

C) Police cars, and lots of traffic is all around me sometimes.

D) I am not 6 feet under, yet but I am about 5 feet over
E) I am near or on the STOP SIGN adjacent to Bear Branch and the KMS

Please post here when you find me
(The Treasure)

A special thanks to, and remember to support our local community! :

PRIZE Gift Certificate for:
SUB Zero Ice Cream

PLEASE remember the RULES...The prize's will be in an envelope...

1) Will NOT be on the greenbelt, since we do not have insurance.

(NOTE: If any Village /Greenbelt, gives us permission to "plant" a treasure in their area, than that area will have a treasure placed there in the future)

2) be placed so even an 5 year old can reach it, or bend over and pick it up, or look around the area and see it.

3) not be placed in a dangerous area

4) can be noticed from more than 3 feet away IF you look at the exact and CORRECT SPOT !

5) The Treasure will contain the treasure, it will be

6) The treasure once found, should be reported by the finder on KU, so we can stop looking for it...just add a post..treasure found !

7) Clues will be given on a daily basis until discovered, each clue will be more specific...

8) Anyone can participate...

Good Luck ... we hope the next treasure hunt will be on NEW YEARS DAY Friday Jan 1, 2016...


To have fun, get out of the house,
smell the flowers, hear the birds sing,
take a walk, see the TURTLES, and to have FUN...playing Sherlock Holmes... 

KW GreenBelt --- 319 days ago -

Treasure Hunt A: Clues

reported found !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

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