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Woodland Hills Social Group - First Meeting!

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KW GreenBelt 1

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KW GreenBelt --- 286 days ago -

Woodland Hills Social Group

We're forming a group to play games, bus day trips, outings, lunches, book
club, parties, exercise, dinners etc., to name a few. We have so many
things we want to do.

Our focus is to bring neighbors together for fun and friendships that last

We will be meeting and having games and events at the South Woodland Hills
Community Room, two days a month.

Other days we will meet at
members' homes, the park, restaurants etc. It's all free, for men, women,
couples, singles who live in Woodland Hills.

If you have ideas, we would like you to share them with us. We need
leaders too.

We are all just neighbors wanting to meet other neighbors and build

Please tell your neighbors to check "another website" for more information as we
post it.

We will be "kicking this off" first Meet-Up

MONDAY Sept 24th at 11:00 a.m.

South Woodlands Hills Community Room at 2030 Shadow Rock Dr.

Bring your own food and drinks. 

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