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Whole House Water Filter and Softener. Excellent System Awesome Price.

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The Odd Job Specialist --- 4 years ago -

If you are looking for a top of the line Whole House Water filtration and Water Softening System at an extremely reasonable price then you need to talk to me.

If you are tired of lugging hundreds of pounds of salt and refilling those huge tanks with the salt then you need to talk to me.

If you are tired of paying high prices to have some company come and service your existing system you need to talk to me.

If you can't drink water out of your tap because your existing system puts in too much salt in your water to soften it then you need to talk to me.

We sell and install a water filter that is one of the highest rated and best whole house filter on the market and in combination with the filter we sell and install a water softener that will soften your water with Citrus, yep, that's right, I did say Citrus.

This system will produce some of the best filtered water you have ever had in your home or business.

All piping will be schedule #40 PVC, high quality ball valves will be installed to bypass the system for maintenance. All piping will be insulated against a freeze but additional instructions will be given to further protect your system during extreme cold weather.



I have numerous other photos if needed.

The cost is $2,500.00 for labor and materials, nothing more to purchase unless you have an odd application.

Easy do it yourself replacement filters will cost roughly $120.00 yearly, with some homes only needing to replace the filters every year and a half. The filter is rated for 100,000 gallon of water and the Softener is rated for 35,000 gallons.

Contact me for more information
Michael Pitre

Emperor of Kingwood --- 4 years ago -

In the second picture, why are all the valves shut?

I installed something similar at our beach house in Surfside Beach. It performs adequately but we still only use bottled water down there. 

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