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LitlJay 2

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LitlJay --- 167 days ago -

The show is almost ready to go live! Tell everyone you know and come by to see the lights and hear the music. It will be a good time for all ages. The show will run from 6:00-9:30 every night until New Year's, with extended hours on Christmas Eve. You can also tune your car radio to 89.9FM to hear the music better (we try not to make the speakers too loud so that they won't bother the neighbors). Feel free to take pictures with the kids but PLEASE try to do it when my wife, my daughter, or myself are out there to guide you safely through the yard. There are thousands of feet of high-voltage wire and a lot of barely-visible guy wires to trip over. If things go well, it will be live by the 4th of December, but I suggest you watch for me to reply here announcing that the show is on.

You can find us at 2211 Vista Manor Dr in North Woodland Hills, 3 blocks North of Woodland Hills Elementary. Just follow the lights and the music!


LitlJay --- 158 days ago -

Quick bump.

The show is live and running great!

(ok, so a couple of light segments on the roof petered out, but I broke my hand the other day, so I'm not sure when I'll be able to get up there and fix them) 

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