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Hillary RULES! Trump just thinks he is a dictator ruler! 12" maybe

who's talking here?

Miss Understanding 1

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Miss Understanding --- 81 days ago -

Here's a reminder of what Hillary Clinton WOULDN'T be doing right now:

- Taking away your healthcare.
- Rolling back your Social Security benefits.
- Rolling back your Medicare benefits.
- Choosing which religions are okay for you to practice.
- Slowing tourism to the United States.
- Punishing people for being gay or transgender.
- Destroying the EPA and the Dept. of Education.
- Rolling back clean water and air protections.
- Deregulating Wall Street.
- Allowing companies to dump waste in waterways.
- Appointing people who hate government agencies to run them.
- Attacking the press.
- Wasting $22 billion on a useless wall.
- Giving racist organizations encouragement.
- Giving Russia encouragement.
- Appointing Supreme Court justices who oppose gun legislation and Roe V. Wade.
- Destroying climate change regulations.
- Golfing every weekend.
- Defunding Planned Parenthood.
- Shamelessly shilling for her family businesses, hotels, clothing lines, jewelry.
- Refusing to make public her taxes.
- Ending funding of the Arts and Public broadcasting.
- Paying to secure three "White Houses" in three states.
- Rolling back your democratically chosen option to smoke marijuana

That's my gal!!! 

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