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Black and white dog running loose-shout out to Pet Ranch

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benember 1
doglady 1

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doglady --- 262 days ago -

A lot of you may have heard about a black and white dog that has been running loose for I believe 3-4 months. Well, he has been trapped and one of the ones that was so diligent looking for him has him at her house! What a great lady!

Main thing I wanted to mention was how awesome the people at Pet Ranch are!!! They give so much back to our community and we sure appreciate them!!!

Go by and say howdy, let them know you appreciate the generosity!!!

This wouldn’t have happened at one of those big box stores, where people with no experience work! Support our small businesses! They always go the extra mile to help out!!! 

benember --- 147 days ago -

Hi dog lady
I have a black and white chihuahua mix at my house and he is clearly someone’s pet. He is so sweet and trained. Is this the dog you are referring to? I don’t know how to post a picture 

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