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So DONE with Suddenlink... Is there any other option?

who's talking here?

BalletMom 1
machineguy 1

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BalletMom --- 132 days ago -

... in Kingwood for internet/cable? I have called and called Suddenlink.. only to wait on hold for hours and then when an actual person gets on the line - they can barely speak fluent English.. So, I went to the physical location on WLH Parkway earlier and the line was about 15 people long!!! I want to cut the cord with Suddenlink.. prices continue to go up, and customer service is nonexistent. What options exist out here in KW? Xfinity? Thanks for your input. 

machineguy --- 131 days ago -

I agree and haven't heard details on any other service. People I know with Dish have been unhappy also. Would be interested in another cable company too. 

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