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Looking for someone to do a Brazing Welding repair

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a4025109uu --- 3 years ago -

I have a mounting stud 1" long 1/4" Diameter on a vintage Norton motorcycle gas tank that needs brazing.Its still attached to the tank but small crack at the base. The tank is empty and has not had any gas in it for over 3 years so no risk involved. Anyone local willing to take a look at this job ? 

machineguy --- 3 years ago -

I had Best Auto Repair on Northpark Drive do some work on a difficult material on a critical part. They did good work about three years ago. 

Kingwood Pressure Washing --- 3 years ago -

Humble Welding does a lot of my repairs. Call George, he will probably do it for cheap if you take it to him. 281-536-6680 

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