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Corona Virus Hints

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machineguy --- 2 years ago -

Hope you are all doing OK during these tough times. Thought I’d pass along a few things we're doing and have found while the Corona Virus is around;
Some things we are doing;
• staying at home and using Skype
• 6 ft from people (don't want anyone coughing on me)
• being extra careful at home so don't have to go to hospital emergency
• curb side pick-up Kroger and H.E.B.
• phone cards, medicines and as much as can do on-line
• leaving shoes at our home door when coming from public places
• disinfecting home surfaces as below

Summary from

A new analysis found that the virus can remain viable in the
• in air for up to 3 hours,
• on copper for up to 4 hours
• on cardboard up to 24 hours
• on plastic and stainless steel up to 72 hours.

Don't ever mix bleach with ammonia or other cleaner
• alcohol solutions containing at least 70% alcohol and most EPA-registered common household disinfectants should be effective at disinfecting surfaces against the coronavirus, according to the CDC
• Clorox type bleach solution can be prepared by mixing 5 tablespoons (one-third cup) of bleach per gallon of water or 4 teaspoons of bleach per quart of water. (This can damage some surfaces like linoleum)

Stay Safe Please 

CavemanBarney --- 2 years ago -

Very good information, machineguy. I do pretty much the same, plus I keep a small dispenser of hand sanitizer in my vehicle. If I do go somewhere and get out, then as soon as I open the door to get back in, I reach in for a squirt of sanitizer to rub on my hands. 

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