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Husband works all night long

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lovebeingamom --- 14 years ago -

Does anyone out there have a husband that works all night long like from 4:30pm to 3am? What do you do to keep things going? I try to get up early like at least around 5am and spend time with him until he goes to bed around 8am... it's not easy... but if I don't then we don't have time to talk. What do you reccommend. Plus, we have 2 kids... age 3 and 1 1/2. 

Justwatching72 --- 14 years ago -

maybe a late nite babysitter...surprise him at work with a picnic lunch :) 

wheres my list --- 14 years ago -

Hey my husband works the same shift sometimes. Mine goes to bed as soon as he gets home at 5:30am. He sleeps til noon or 1:00pm. I put my kids down for a nap and then have at least 1 to 2 hours alone with him. Why does he stay up til 8:00 when he gets off at 3:00? 

Unichic --- 14 years ago -

Time for a new job. My husband and I have always agreed that no matter what dollar amount is involved, if it disrupts the family cohesion, then it's not for us. I guess that's why we have always been broke lol. 

wheres my list --- 14 years ago -

It doesn't really disrupt our lives at all. We have 4 kids. He doesn't do it more than 4 days in a row, at a time. He only does it maybe 2 to 3 times a month. Maybe that helps. 

lovebeingamom --- 14 years ago -

Yeah... I say to you "wheres my list?"... he stays up until at least 8 because he's wide awake and usually falls asleep by 8... kinda like pm if it were opposite. I try to get up at least around 5am then by the time he's ready to go to bed for his night, then the kids are ready for their nap and we ALL go to bed together. It's just that at night when everyone is sound asleep, I find the best times to clean up and do my chores. Therefore having a hard time waking up so early. 

lovebeingamom --- 14 years ago -

Oh yeah, and he works these hours at least 5 days a week... sometimes 6 days a week. I really would like more advice from "wheres my list"... since you are in my exact shoes if not more... because you have 4 kids. And the kids don't always understand why he sleeps all day long... poor babies... my oldest says out loud as she sees him drive away to work "don't leave me daddy" (although I think she says it because I always say "awh!") 

wheres my list --- 14 years ago -

That's really sad. It is hard on the kiddos. When he works nights he only gets to see our 1st grader for about 15 min. Hey I'll send you a PM. 

duflochy --- 14 years ago -

I spent 10 yrs working nite shift... when I quit I promised myself that if a man had lites in his parking lot I would never ask him for a job.....I've kept the promis..... Used to get woke up to the sound of Mama hollaring " you better hush, you'll wake your daddy up" 

Jen --- 14 years ago -

My husband and I met, 3 years ago...when we met, he was working the night shift (6 PM to 6AM) and had been, for years. We started dating, knowing this, then married and now 3 years later, it is still his schedule. He does not work Mon-Friday, but an odd shift, on-off, so many days. We always know his schedule, as it is the same thing, every other week. I have a son from a previous relationship. I always take this time when the hubby works, to be time for me and my son. It has worked out pretty well and I really have no complaints. Occasionally I will get upset with something comes up at night and I have to go somewhere alone, b/c he can not get off, but that is rare. My husband sleeps, fishes, does yardwork during the day. I work Mon-Fri. When he is off, we still make date nights. Date nights are very important. 

Only Daughter --- 14 years ago -


crazyfun2baround --- 14 years ago -

Heck with that OD..get yourself some rest! UGH..Even with my hubby and I working split shift, the 10 mins we see each other between shifts had better work. I need my beauty sleep!! 

Only Daughter --- 14 years ago -


lovebeingamom --- 14 years ago -

Yeah, date nights are prob quite important... we don't have'em. No one has really ever watched our kids... we don't have money to pay a sitter. And only 2 choices of family members which one of them already watches the kids once every week for me in the evening time. 

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